Retro Survival

On 22nd Aug 2005 the publisher of 'Retro Gamer' magazine ceased trading,
owing its writers hundreds of £££s for months of work.

Some of those articles were published.

Some weren't.

Until now!

Now Shipping!

Retro Survival contains the missing features from the ill-fated Issue 19 of Retro Gamer, which never made it to print. This includes all of your favourite articles, along with entirely new content, plus a specially written foreword by everyone's favourite Teletext talking head, Mr Biffo.

There's also plenty of extra content including video files, news, a competition, letters section with interaction from the Retro Survival forum, and more of the spoof ads that livened up later issues of Retro Gamer.

Here is a more detailed list of contents:

A Reflective Foreword Mr Biffo's sideways look backwards and forwards.
The Retro Gamer Story Chronicles the rise and demise of a magazine legend.
Back to the Eighties Digs up what happened twenty years ago.
Desert Island Disks Casts Paul Drury adrift with no hope of rescue.
The Vectrex Story Examines the iconic 80s machine and its software.
Leisure Suit Larry Has his lascivious behaviour fully exposed.
Next Level Gaming Powers up the Amiga 1200 and CD32
Games That Weren't Sees Robocop and the Terminator battling it out on the NES
Console Casualties Reports on the machines so dire they were still-born
Ganbare Goemon Delves into this unique Japanese series
Altered Beast Mutates from coin-op to home machines
Show Reports Look back to two fantastic live events - CGE UK and Back In Time Lite
Strange Games Dresses in black and looks at what Ninjas do in their spare time
Zzap! 64 More exclusive content about the Commodore owner's favourite magazine.
High Score Dodges barrels to explain the mysteries behind the Donkey Kong world records
Auction Watch Scours Ebay to see how well Retro Gamer magazines are selling
http://retro Peeks at the workings of the TZX archive, dedicated to preserving Spectrum software
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